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    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    So it looks as though this is a dead forum. I will unfortunately have to find one that has active members as it seems nobody has been on this on in awhile. Hasta La Vista.
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    WTH is up with this infotainment screen???

    Hi all. So I picked up my new toy on December 27 and drove it home with my wife. Yep, she said it was ok. So after returning from a weekend trip, I played around a little with the infotainment center, however some things aren't quite right, and the dealership doesn't have any answers for me. I...
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    Time to say Hi to another forum...

    Howdy all. New owner and as a past member to several fast car forums, I decided to find a forum where I could hopefully get good intel on a vehicle I know a crap load about on paper, but in reality, well, I know squat. I'm a fairly knowledgeable kinda guy when it comes to the European stuff, but...